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I’m a Lab Manager in CCS lab,
aspring to be a social neuroscientist
who studies human’s social & moral minds 💜

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Nipype, Nilearn, Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, Scikit-learn, Psychopy


ggplot2, rstan, dplyr, R Markdown


SPM12, glmnet

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Photoshop, Premiere pro

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September 2018 – Present
Seoul, Korea

Lab Manager

Computational Clinical Neuroscience Lab

(PI: Dr. Woo-Young Ahn)

Main Responsibilities include:

  • Lead Behavioral Data Acquisition
  • Manage Lab IRBs
  • Build a Nipype workflow of fMRI data analysis
  • Contribute to hBayesDM (R package for Bayesian hierarchical analysis)
January 2018 – August 2018
Seoul, Korea

Full time research assistant

Computational Clinical Neuroscience Lab

(PI : Dr. Woo-Young Ahn)

Acquired strong coding skills and computational modeling method
January 2017 – December 2017
Seoul, Korea

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Social Psychology Lab

(PI : Dr. Incheol Choi)

conducted research for my senior thesis on the topic of licensing effect of moral condemnation

Recent Posts



Create fMRI Analysis Workflow with Python

building a Python program for automating nipype workflow of neuroimaging analysis in the CCS lab

Codes Nipype

Contribute to hBayesDM

writing stan codes and R wrapper to add Kalman filter & probability weight function to hBayesDM(R package for hierarchical Bayesian Analysis)

Codes hBayesDM

Ideological correlates of social cognition and emotional processing during fMRI

investigating how to predict people’s political orientation with machine learning technique, using fMRI-data on affect, theory of mind and empathy task.


Processing and Plotting LGBT risky choice data with R

Processed and Plotted Amazon mturk data with R(dplyr / ggplot2), to see if LGBT group is more vulnerable to peer influence in making risky choices

Review & Propose task for measuring one's valuation to social vs. monetary reward

Reviewed and Proposed social tasks which can explicitly measure one’s feeling of happiness and valuation to social vs. monetary reward.


My presentation at Lab Meeting on paper van Baar et al.(2019).

My presentation at Lab Meeting on paper Siegel et al.(2018).

Hyeonjin and I’s final project on Computational Modeling Class.

My presentation at Lab Meeting on paper Hutcherson et al.(2015).

My presentation at Lab meeting on paper Nihonsugi et al.(2015), .


  • +82 10 5121 4543
  • zohyos7
  • Building 16 Room M309, Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea
  • Monday-Friday 9:00 to 17:00 or email for appointment